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Find Your Best Keywords

Women sometimes have unique ways of describing things.  When my girly girl friend was feeling macho and wanted to hang a window flower box outside she promptly marched up to her boyfriend and asked to borrow his “whirry whirry screw … Continue reading

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Online Ad Placement

Sometimes you just have to ask…."What were they thinking?"   Have you ever read the msnbc news section?   These days, the news is so graphically disturbing and cruel, you never know what horrible story may end up there.    Like the … Continue reading

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Guidelines for Creating Online Surveys

We all love to pretend we’re people we’re not. One of my fondest memories of my sister was the time she put on her Cinderella costume and refused to take it off for 2 days. (she was 32 at the … Continue reading

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Online Surveys – Getting to Know You

How do you get to know her? This “woman customer” you so desperately want to buy your products? How do you gather information about her, her life, her needs, her motivations, her deepest desires? We’ve all read the stories of … Continue reading

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Don’t Call Her a Soccer Mom

We all know her.   You’ve seen her in advertisements. She’s in her mid 30’s to early 40’s.  She drives a minivan.  She lives in the suburbs.  She has a husband who means well, but she’s the one who’s really in … Continue reading

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