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It’s Not Orange, It’s Papaya

It’s not something you hear too often….two big burly guys talking about nail polish color.  “What’s the problem with Desert Flower – it’s a wonderful creative color name.”  “How do I know if it will match my Sunset Rose lipstick? … Continue reading

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Bluefly Takes It All Off

If you were throwing a fancy party and couldn’t find anything you wanted to wear in your closet, the best solution would be simply to walk downstairs into your party naked – right?    That seems to be the premise … Continue reading

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Stereotypes and Sushi

I get very enthusiastic about my sushi.  While at a recent “all you can eat” sushi outing with my sister and some friends, we ordered up a storm and as soon as my plate of caterpillar roll, yellow tail and … Continue reading

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Sony TV Targeted at Women

The best thing about writing a blog about marketing to women online is the never ending amount of material worth commenting on (or laughing at when appropriate).  This time it’s electronic powerhouse Sony.   I’m once again in the awkward position … Continue reading

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Powerhouse Female Demographic

There’s a lot to get excited about in marketing to women online – but there’s one segment of the women’s market I’m especially excited about.  Is it single moms?  Is it Gen Y?   Nope – it’s women 50-80.  I see … Continue reading

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Is Buzz Marketing Illegal?

Perfect timing – just as I was wondering aloud about the ethics of product placement, out comes an article about the ethics of word of mouth marketing.  The Adage headline is “Is Buzz Marketing Illegal?” As marketers more frequently look … Continue reading

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Does Product Placement Work?

Does product placement work?   If so, why?  If not, why not? And is it ethical?  I’d really like to know the answers to these questions.  So would many advertisers.   If I see a movie character sipping Starbucks coffee – will … Continue reading

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