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Women – Sound Off on Cadillac

Women 35 plus (you know who you are) – How do you feel about Cadillac?  In particular the Cadillac Escalade? What motivates you to buy a luxury car?  What current attitudes or beliefs do you have about Cadillac? Are they … Continue reading

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The New Advertising Secret – Strategy

I read something this morning that stopped me mid coffee-sip.  I was so dumbfounded I had to re-read the article twice. Ad Age has an article about Grey Worldwide’s CEO outlining their plans for change. What’s his radial new solution … Continue reading

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Broken Windows – Everything Matters

So I’m standing in the hall anxious to get started.  I look over and see a short stocky man walking towards me.  He introduces himself with a firm handshake and an eastern European accent.   I look him up and down … Continue reading

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More On How Men and Women Use the Internet Study

“Torture the numbers until they talk!”  That’s a favorite saying of my colleagues Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg.   They’re referring to the fact that you can take research data and analyze and twist it every which way in order to get … Continue reading

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How Women and Men Use the Internet Study

Some people love to curl up with a favorite book.  Others get excited about sitting down to watch the hottest new movie.   I get giddy at the thought of escaping the world with….Internet research studies.   “Geek” is a term I’m … Continue reading

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