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Profound Truths About Women

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone – and they say something so profound, so dead-on, something that touches you in your core – that you stop what you’re doing and just stand there with a stupid look … Continue reading

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Online Copywriting Seminar

I recently presented a teleseminar for on online copywriting.  Judging from the response, it’s a hot topic among Internet retailers.   They’re asking many of the same questions many marketers are asking: How can we persuade our visitors to take … Continue reading

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Are You Willing To Take Chances?

Are you willing to take chances?  Are you?  Really?  It sounds good – rolls off the tongue – gives you a sense of bravado. "Yes – I"m willing to take chances".  But are you? Truly?  Are you willing to piss … Continue reading

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Online Ad Placement

I just ran across the news story about the New York Post Online running an ad for a dating service right next to the story of the sexual assault and murder of graduate student Imette St. Guillen.  The ad featured … Continue reading

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PriceWaterhouseCoopers Targets Women

Wow – once again proof of the incredible power that a gifted copywriter can bring to a marketing campaign. It’s too bad whoever was in charge of strategy was missing from the equation.  (I know, here I go about strategy … Continue reading

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