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Humor and Stereotypes

Meet Kiki Melendez – This woman knows comedy.  A recent trip to see her show Hot Tamales Live really got me thinking. What makes something funny?  How come some jokes make us laugh out loud and others leave us with … Continue reading

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Your Customer’s Language

So we’re sitting around the dinner table with some semi-famous designers and my friend, who sometimes blurts things out without thinking – blurts something out without thinking.    She cleverly covered her tracks by commenting – "I sometimes suffer from … Continue reading

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Persona Insights

One of the biggest problems in marketing to women is overcoming stereotypes.  One of the best ways to get past stereotypes is to create personas.    Personas let you see how your customers approach the buying process in different ways.  … Continue reading

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Father’s Day – Hug Your Dad

I think it was the Doozy Greeting Card email that finally got to me.  They were promoting their new cute electronic Father’s Day cards.   I felt my facade start to crumble.   Dad was such a sucker for cards.  Every holiday … Continue reading

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How to Tap the Power of Digital Marketing

A recent Advertising Age article headline declared "AAF Survey:  Industry ‘Behind the Curve’ in Digital Marketing."  The premise of the article is – while many marketers believe in the power of digital marketing, they aren’t entirely sure how to tap … Continue reading

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Waiting for Your Cat to Bark

You have a killer product or service.  You know you’ve got a competitive edge.  You know if people just knew about it, understand how it could help them, they’d buy tons of what you have to offer.  So you hire … Continue reading

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Why Women Comment Less on Blogs

Why do men comment more on blogs than women do?   That’s the question Ann Handley at Marketing Profs asked in this blog post. She was referring specifically the comments on her blog, but wow what an interesting discussion it sparked … Continue reading

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