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Do We Need More Women and Minority Hiring in Advertising?

I just love a good old fashioned-brawl. New York City Human Rights Commission Vs. Madison Avenue……..The issue – diversity hiring. I must admit, I was really looking forward to seeing the Madison Ave. suits climb into the ring with their … Continue reading

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Women and Technology – How to Buy a DVD Recorder

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Sorry – just needed to let that out.    Why, please please tell me why technology marketers just don’t get it.   I lost an entire chunk of my weekend to a technology challenge.   Was it buying and self installing … Continue reading

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Post Secret vs. Share Your Secret

Wow – talk about hitting you in your solar plexus.   Who could have imagined the power of a postcard with a profound individual truth.   That’s exactly what you’ll find, postcard after postcard, on the wildly popular website    The … Continue reading

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Do Women Respond to Sexual Ads?

Warning!  This post includes honest discussions of sex and porn.   If these topics make you squeamish, stop reading now. OK – for those of you brave enough to continue, here we go. We’ve certainly seen how different genders react differently … Continue reading

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Women and Ringtones

So I’m like, all excited.   I’ve been sick to death of the ringtone on my cell phone and went online to find a new "hip" ringtone I could download.   I quickly learned the difference between a "ringtone" which sounds like … Continue reading

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