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Male vs. Female Humor

What do you find funny?  What makes you laugh out loud?  What is it that makes something funny?  And do men and women respond to different types of humor? It matters in life, but it also matters in marketing.  Humor … Continue reading

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"You’ve got to change your evil ways…" But I don’t want to change my evil ways. That’s what was going through my head as I listened to a fabulous cover band last night.  As they were singing the famous Santana … Continue reading

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Sony Bravia – Marketing to Women?

Sony has some interesting ideas when it comes to marketing their Sony Bravia flat screen TV to women.    They have focused on the one thing that really matters to women when buying a TV – shoes. Yup, that’s right … Continue reading

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Customer Behavior- What vs.Why

I talked previously about the debate as to whether it is best to use "gut instinct" or rely on customer data when creating a marketing campaign. You know I’m not a fan of trusting a creative director’s "gut".    But … Continue reading

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Should You Rely on Data or Your Gut

Does great creative come from data or from instinct?    Let me clarify that what I mean by "great creative" is "creative that gets results".     Every once in a while a marketing campaign comes along that really connects with … Continue reading

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