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Women in the Workforce who Overcompensate

I was giving myself a pep talk this morning.  (do you ever do that?)  I had a really interesting conversation with Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg at Future Now last week.  I’ve been with them for almost four years now.  These … Continue reading

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Dove’s Pro-Age Campaign

Here’s something to get you thinking… Nearly 60% of women globally believe that if magazines were reflective of a population, a person would likely believe women over 50 do not exist. It’s tough to respond to ads when you never … Continue reading

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Male vs. Female Communication Style and Project Management

The following is a true story… A very successful marketing guru was on a plane to London to meet with his newest client.  He had worked with another client in the same industry and done an extremely brilliant and successful … Continue reading

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Is It Good or Bad To Be a Princess?

When you hear the word "princess", what comes to mind?  Do you have positive thoughts of a pretty girl/woman who lives a fairy tale life where all her dreams come true?  Do you have a negative picture of a demanding … Continue reading

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