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BlogHer ’09 – How NOT to Market to Moms

Let me start this by saying almost every brand/advertiser/sponsor at BlogHer '09 did an outstanding job of connecting with the women at the conference. But there was one brand that stumbled – Nikon. At their invitation only event, they turned away moms … Continue reading

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BlogHer ’09 Wrap Up – The Swag

If you weren't at BlogHer '09, all I can say is – you missed it. I'll be blogging about the conference all week. I want to give you a flavor of what it's like to hang out for 48 hours … Continue reading

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Email Marketing – How Often Does She Want to Hear From You?

Email is an incredibly powerful tool to create relationships and increase sales to your female customers.   But how often does she really want to hear from you?   If you sell products every time you send out an email, why not … Continue reading

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Mom Bloggers – I Want to Interview You at BlogHer

Calling all mom bloggers who are attending BlogHer! I'm going to be doing video interviews with mom bloggers about why they blog.  I'm doing a research project on the subject and I want to talk to you. Leave me a … Continue reading

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Help Women Spread Word of Mouth on Your Website

One of the great things about marketing to women is their natural tendency to spread word of mouth. Here's a specific example of an element you can add to your website to help women spread the word about your fabulous … Continue reading

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How Images Increase Sales to Women

I have a new favorite website.  It's Anne Holland's Which Test Won.  Every week the site features an A/B conversion test and you guess which version won.  Once you've voted, you can see how other folks voted, then see the actual … Continue reading

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Recession Pricing that Attracts Women

This weekend I attended an artist studio tour.   Last year, the price for a ticket was $50.   The organizers were worried that $50 might feel too high to today's budget conscious art lovers.   So they made a brilliant move. They … Continue reading

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Marketing To Women Services – How Can I Help You?

I was talking with a client recently who commented that he had just discovered some of the services I offer.   "Holly, I just learned you do newsletter reviews. I had no idea and now I'm quite interested. I wonder how … Continue reading

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Social Media Tools: Product Reviews Vs. Twitter

In a recent Advertising Age Digital article, Abbey Klaasen suggests Forget Twitter; Your Best Marketing Tool Is the Humble Product Review.   Twitter has been getting a lot of hype lately, but is the product review a better customer relationship builder … Continue reading

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