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I’m the Kind Of Person Who……

The recent M2Moms conference found that : 60% of moms feel that marketers are ignoring their needs. 73% of moms feel that advertisers don't really understand what its like to be a Mom. Bottom line – advertisers aren't connecting with … Continue reading

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Female Humor

In my research on why moms blog, I've come across some of the funniest material I've ever seen. This makes me happy for so many reasons.  So many of the movies and TV shows and, yes, commercials that are supposed to … Continue reading

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Using Boob Jokes to Sell – Dining Room Furniture?

I kid you not. La Difference is a contemporary furniture store in Richmond, VA.   Their advertising has always been stylish and fun.   But I really have to scratch my head about their latest campaign selling dining room furniture promoting it … Continue reading

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Marketing Pet Products to Women

 This afternoon I saw Martha Stewart on CNBC, along with her two dogs Francesca and Sparkey, promoting her new partnership with Petsmart. Next to the financial industry and the auto industry, I believe the pet industry has the most potential … Continue reading

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A Woman’s Nation – The Shriver Report

If you are involved in selling to, marketing to, working with, hiring or having a relationship with women – you need to be following the coverage of A Woman's Nation – The Shriver Report. The Shriver Report presents an accurate … Continue reading

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Why You Need to Be “Her People”

One of my favorite commercials is for American Express and features Ellen DeGeneres.  After Beyonce invites her out and requests - " Have your people call my people," Ellen goes on a search for "her people." Women are in need of "people."   Women … Continue reading

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Marketing to Women Online – Middle Sister Wines Case Study

 Women, websites and wine are three of my favorite subjects.  So when I met Susan Lombardi at a recent conference and found out she was working on a website for a new wine company targeting women, I sat my butt … Continue reading

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Estee Lauder Creates a Powerful Social Media Campaign

For me, a successful social media campaign is one which drives people to take a specific action.  Hopefully, that specific action can be tied to an increase in sales. For example, the KelloggCares Facebook page asked fans to donate $5 … Continue reading

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Are You Losing Your Customers at “Hello”

When my book The Soccer Mom Myth first came out, I did a reading at a book store which was attended by an old friend of my father.  This guy had been in advertising for a long, long time. After … Continue reading

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