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Are Women Losing Their Trust in Social Media?

Tony Fannin at Be Branded asked me that very question. Women are increasingly turning to social media sites for interaction and information.  As advertisers try to tap into the power of social media and the power of recommendations by female … Continue reading

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Olympic Advertising Gets a Gold Medal

Friday night, I felt like I stepped into a parallel universe. After reviewing the ads for the Super Bowl, where the theme seemed to be – see who can come up with stupidest joke, I was pretty discouraged about what … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Ads Target Hot New Consumer Group – Beavers

   Well….I wanted to write about how well the Super Bowl ads did in connecting with women consumers.  Unfortunately, I didn't see any ads that were targeting women.   Really.  Even Dove was promoting skin care products to men.  Ok, there was … Continue reading

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Blissdom ’10 – What I Learned About Women

At this year's Blissdom 10 women blog conference, I think Isabel Kallman summed it up best – "It's not just about sharing information, it's about sharing understanding." That's what women bloggers do – they don't just share information about their lives, … Continue reading

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Why Do Women Blog Video

I have been fascinated by the explosion of blogs written and read by women.  It lead to a year's worth of research and many questions. What's going on here?  Why are so many women flocking to the Internet?  Are they … Continue reading

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