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Can Companies Win Back Women Customers?

What happens when a woman has a bad experience with your company or your product?  Is she gone for good?  Or can you win her back? It all depends on how you handle her problem. This is especially important since … Continue reading

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Why You Need Women On Your B2B Sales Team

 Why do you need women on your B2B sales team?  There are two big reasons: One– Women bring natural advantages to the table when it comes to the B2B sales process. We'll talk about those in just a minute. Two … Continue reading

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B2B Buyers and Women Have Similar Buying Processes

 When you think of the B2B buying process, you think of a logical, linear, factual buying process.  In a nutshell, more of a typical male buying process. But there are actually more similarities between the B2B buying process and a typical … Continue reading

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Kotex Reveals the Absurdity of Feminine Product Ads

Can I get a giant shout-out for Kimberly-Clark?   With their new U by Kotex campaign, they take on the absurdity of feminine product ads.   Women have long made fun of these ads, including this infamous happy period complaint letter by … Continue reading

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Infertility Site Leaves Me Almost Speechless

I'm at a loss for words. is a website targeting couples with infertility issues.  It features a man dressed up as a bee and a woman dressed up as a bird  facing infertility issues. No, I am not making … Continue reading

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Currencies That Buy Credibility Book Review

 What is the most important, yet increasingly the most scarce commodity companies and brands are fighting for? Trust. The 2008 Edelman Trust Barometer found that only 22% of young Americans (ages 25-34) say product and corporate advertising is a credible … Continue reading

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New Research Shows Women Buy More Movie Tickets Than Men

   How long have we been hearing the same old story from Hollywood?  "Teenage guys drive movie ticket sales," "Female leads can't carry a movie,"  and the famous "Women don't go to movies." New research from the MPAA should officially put … Continue reading

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Academy Awards – Who Were the Ad Winners

   The Oscars have been dubbed the, "Super Bowl for women" by advertisers. This year's Super Bowl advertisers didn't even try to appeal to women.  But were the Oscars different? The Kaleidoscope Group rated the ads in their 2010 PURSEuasion Report:Academy … Continue reading

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Is Marketing to Women a Strategy or a Tactic?

If women are a portion of your target audience, should you create a separate marketing effort directly targeting women only?  Or should you have a company-wide strategy to appeal to women in everything you do?   Great question. Visit the Be … Continue reading

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Another Soccer Mom Myth Success Story

The best thing about writing The Soccer Mom Myth, other than the opportunity it gave me to hang out with (and expense) my time with Michele Miller, is hearing from readers who used insight from the book to make a … Continue reading

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