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Cause Marketing – When To Ask For The Money

 So your brand has decided to team up with a charity, or perhaps you have your own cause marketing campaign. When's the best time to ask someone to pull out the cash, checkbook or credit card? The answer – when … Continue reading

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Use Blogs As A Commercial and Promotional Idea Generator

Looking for new fun ways to promote your company or products to women?  There is a bevy of amazing, funny, insightful ideas just a mouse click away in social media. Seriously.  We talked about how to use Twitter to generate … Continue reading

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Use Twitter As A Commercial Idea Generator

  Moms are funny.  Seriously. I'm talking side-slapping, forehead on your desk, spit-out-your-chardonnay funny.  And they do it without even trying.  Just check out the expression on the woman on the right. Here's another thing about motherhood – real life is … Continue reading

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Anticipate Her Needs and Win Her Business

I recently visited a spa (I know, huge surprise) and was impressed not just with the services, but with one small detail.  In each locker they provide you with a plastic bag.  Right at the point where I am taking … Continue reading

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Are You Driving Away Female Consumers With Your Messaging?

 The following are true incidents… A woman and her husband walk into a car dealership. The salesman spends all his time talking to the husband. At one point he suggests the woman go into the showroom to, "pick out her … Continue reading

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Are Women Indecisive?

   I do a lot of work with the financial industry, training people to do a better job of selling to women.   One complaint that I hear often is, "women can't make up their mind," "women are too slow to make … Continue reading

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Great Example of a Website Designed for Women

Do men and women engage with websites the same way?  That's a question I've been studying for the last six years.   I've done extensive research on the differences between men and women focusing on: Their communication styles Their decision making … Continue reading

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