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How To Gain Credibility With Your Customers

I recently wrote about the power of word of mouth, and how men trust authority while women trust common experience. Whether you're marketing to women or to men, having someone else speak on your behalf can be incredibly powerful.   Singing … Continue reading

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Progressive Insurance Succeeds By Putting a Face On Their Brand

When I used to think of Progressive Insurance, nothing came to mind.  Yeah, I knew their name, but if you said, "Progressive Insurance," there was a blank space between my ears. Now, when you say "Progressive Insurance,"  I can't help … Continue reading

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Word Of Mouth: Men Trust Authority, Women Trust Common Experience

 I read a fascinating article by Jeff Sexton – The Asymmetry of Trust.  Jeff talks about the fact that people tend to trust negative reviews more than positive ones. As he points out:  Basically, we grant others authority in the … Continue reading

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Marketing To Moms – Lose The Stereotypes

I'm sure every mom has been in this situation.  You wake up one day, look around and ask, "Can these really be my children?"  I know my mom's definitely been there. So, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out … Continue reading

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Kimpton Knows How to Market to Women

Kimpton Hotels knows how to market to women. Their Women In Touch program is a real winner.  The folks at Kimpton are smart.  They know it takes more than upscale bath products or comfortable beds to lure women to their hotels.    The … Continue reading

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The Ad Industry NeedsTo Tap Into Its Feminine Side

  Speaking at the recent M2W Conference, Marti Barletta made an important comment “Stop treating women as targets and start treating them as assets.  We should look at ways we can help women rather than ‘target’ them and make them … Continue reading

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