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That’s What Motivates You…Really?

What motivates you more – A passionate, clear, inspiring vision?   Or satisfying a more mundane need? All of us would like to think it's a passionate vision.  Especially if we can see tangible, specific rewards. But is that reality?  What … Continue reading

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Women Respond to Real Images in Marketing

I want to talk about stock photography.  We all use it – I do as well.  Some of it is quite good. But some of it is… do I put this politely….so obviously fake it is ineffective.  One of my … Continue reading

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Using Video to Sell Products to Women

   I am a huge fan of using online video, especially if you are marketing or selling to women.  The fabulous folks at Invodo have proof positive that adding video increases conversion and SEO.    Take a look at their new video, promoting video … Continue reading

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How Women Make Buying Decisions

 I was reading an article about what men love about women, and came across an interesting point. The article is written from a man's point of view by author Aaron Traister.  He shares this story about how women solve problems, … Continue reading

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