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Negativity In the Workplace

We've all been there – worked in a negative work environment, whether it involved a difficult co-worker or a bad boss.   What do you do in those circumstances?    Author Paula Renaye has a new book out called The … Continue reading

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BlogHer 2011 – Conference Highlights

  It was another fabulous BlogHer conference in San Diego. Nearly 3,000 women bloggers convened for one kick-ass weekend.  So what's new this year?  What were the learnings, trends, themes?  Let's find out. Theme #1 – Writing your story helps … Continue reading

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Use Video to Sell Your Product

I'm a long time fan of using video to sell products.  Women especially want more information before they're ready to buy.  While many people won't read a block of text, they will watch a video. Invodo specializes in creating just … Continue reading

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Differences Between Women and Men Entrepreneurs

When men and women start companies, do they approach the process the same way?  Are there key differences?  And how do those differences affect the success of the business venture? For answers to these questions, I turned to Cynthia Kocialski.  … Continue reading

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