Barbara Walters’ Legacy

Why do we need to see women in leadership roles?   Why should it matter if a leader is male or female?   Shouldn’t we simply be inspired by the person and their accomplishments?   So what if that person is a man or a woman.

It does matter.   Here’s why.

It is very difficult to be something you don’t see.

We can all be inspired by great leaders. But there is a difference between being inspired by a leader and wanting to “be” a leader.

There is a phenomenon I speak of often.  I call it The “I want to be her” Effect.  And this is where Barbara Walters comes in.   She was a pioneer, creating so many “firsts” for women in the news business.  For the first time women who wanted to be involved in network news had someone about whom they could say, “I want to be her.”

What affect did that have?  What is Barbara Walters’ legacy?   This video tells the powerful story of the affect of, “I want to be her.”

(apologies for the annoying commercial at the beginning -wait it out, it’s worth it)

As Barbara Walters said, “This is my legacy.”    Congratulations to Barbara on a historic career.  Thank you for not just reporting on the world, but changing it.

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