BUY UP App Helps Consumers Shop at Women Friendly Companies

BUY UP IndexDoes the company you buy coffee from every day offer maternity leave? Does your bank have any women in leadership? Do you fund women politicians, then drop hundreds weekly at a grocery store that has anti-family policies? Maybe you should know this stuff. Now you will.

BUY UP Index is the first app of its kind that allows consumers to use their purchasing power on companies most committed to gender equality.

BUY UP Index is a rating system and mobile shopping app that allows consumers to make purchasing decisions based on a company’s demonstrated commitment to gender equality. BUY UP Index rates brands and products and the companies behind them by performing extensive research through publicly available data to assess companies on four major areas: Women Employees, Women Leadership, Corporate Citizenship and Marketing.

I find this really intriguing.    We have values based investing.  This is a great way to promote values based buying.    I care a great deal about how companies treat their employees.  I’m happy to give my business to companies who are more supportive of women.

I talked with Amy-Willard Cross, CEO and Co-founder of BUY UP Index.  She echoed the same feeling.

“We’re empowering people to use their purchasing power on the most deserving brands,” said Amy-Willard Cross.  “There has been a lot of focus on designations for products that are fair trade, cruelty-free, etc., but there is nothing that audits and grades a company’s focus on women. BUY UP Index has been created to solve the massive problem of gender inequality on societal and economic fronts and to move the needle for women in a massive way and at a rapid speed.”

 Companies and brands take note – women are watching.

 “We designed BUY UP Index standards to be uncompromising, where ratings can’t be bought, sold or negotiated,” said Cross. “The only way for a company to game its score is by appointing more women to the C-suite, releasing stereotype-busting ads or making large donations to women’s causes. There is a $5 trillion dollar market eager to spend their dollars on brands that progress the objective of gender equality.”

 Amy Willard-Cross has a final words to shoppers – “Spend right, and change the world.”

Copy that.

Find out where your favorite brands rate.  check out BUY UP Index.

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