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5 Tips for Search Engine Optimization

I'm hearing from a lot of clients right now who are asking, "Are there some simple steps I can take right now that will help me grow my business in 2010?" Yes.  One of the best things you can do … Continue reading

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Are You Speaking Your Customer’s Language?

Are you like me?  When you work with a client and they tell you they’re bringing in a "brand manager" does your stomach start to tense – do your eyes roll up into your head – do you want to … Continue reading

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Online Copywriting

One of the most powerful persuasive forces you have when creating your online customer experience is – copy.   Women are communicators; their brains are specifically wired for verbal skills.  Women are all about relationships – you build those relationships through … Continue reading

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Find Your Best Keywords

Women sometimes have unique ways of describing things.  When my girly girl friend was feeling macho and wanted to hang a window flower box outside she promptly marched up to her boyfriend and asked to borrow his “whirry whirry screw … Continue reading

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