E.Q. Librium Book Reveals Secret to Career Success

E.Q. LibriumWe’ve all heard about the power of Emotional Intelligence.    Yvette Bethel has written a book that lays out a step-by-step map for how to actually use Emotional Intelligence to succeed in your career.

E.Q. Librium – Unleash the Power Of Your Emotional Intelligence – A Proven Path to Career Success gives readers specific information on Emotional Intelligence and how to use it.

E.Q. Librium is described as:

“The ability to identify personal emotions and the emtions of others and filter that information into a balanced, holistic, and self-regulated response.”

Here’s why that’s so important.  Bethel says,

“In every organization I witnessed similar emotionally oblivious patterns in leaders and employees and realized most people are blissfully unaware of  how their behaviors affect their colleagues.  For instance, one person may describe his or her behavior as passionate, tenacious, and focused.  The person on the receiving end may interpret the same actions as argumentative, controlling, bullying, or relentless.  Both perceptions are real to the perceivers.  If people are not trained to manage themselves and the situations they encounter, the result is often a toxic environment.”

Those who know how to attain E.Q. Librium will have more influence.  This is especially true in today’s world.   The old model of hierarchy and top down dictation is changing rapidly.    The most successful leaders are those who know how to influence, not dictate.   As Bethel notes:

“Influence starts with knowing what to say, when to say it , what to ask, and how to say what needs to be said so that you can have a voice.”

In the book, Yvette Bethel gives specific advice on how to:

  • Manage office politics
  • Empower your team
  • Be a more effective leader
  • Manage organizational change
  • Read behavior more accurately
  • Understand how your behavior is being interpreted
  • Use this self-awareness to drive behavior (yours and the behavior of others) to achieve positive results

Bottom line, Bethel points out that when you understand relationships between people you can accomplish almost anything.

“People are an integral part of most decisions even though we may focus on the process or content of the proposed change.  Relationships between people can positively or negatively impact a decision, so the web of relationships (culture, internal politics, etc.) needs to be a primary consideration when considering the big picture.”

Pick up a copy of E.Q. Librium and see how you can be more effective and successful.

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