How to Message Customer Rewards

Customer rewards 
What kind of language do you use when you talk to customers about redeeming points or employee incentives.    What message does your "messaging" send?

Incentive Intelligence has a terrific article – Do Awards Earners "Shop" For Awards?  Should They? 

If you follow my blog, you know I do a lot of research on messaging, persuasive copywriting, and word choice.  I've seen how changing even one word can make a big difference in results. 

Incentive Intelligences' Paul Hebert has this to say:

It’s Not Shopping – It’s Selecting and Awarding

You don’t want participants to shop.  You want them to reward themselves.  You want them to freely release points for rewards.

It’s time to stop using the cash analog of shopping when it comes to redeeming for awards.

Change the Process, The Vocabulary, The Experience

My recommendation is that we need to go back to square one and redefine the redemption process and do our best to eliminate any connection to shopping.

The first thing I’d do is change the vocabulary…

  • Instead of a shopping cart why not a “Reward Pile?”
  • Instead of shopping for awards participants are “Rewarding Themselves?”
  • Instead of checking out you get people to “Get Your Rewards Now?"

Wow – the power of words.  Look how changing the words changed the whole customer/employee experience?

Read the rest of the story at Incentive Intelligence.





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7 Responses to How to Message Customer Rewards

  1. Tis the season to be jolly. I keep singing the song each time I receive gifts from my loved ones. And customer rewards is one of the many things that can make my holiday joyful.Your post is very informative. It lets us be aware on how to make the best out of the customer rewards we may receive this season and also the proper term to be used in making marketing campaigns more effective. It’s not just shopping – it’s selecting and awarding!

  2. Customer rewards can be very rewarding if it is not a scam. Many regret costumer rewards because of the flaws it takes. But this is very interesting if it comes from the trusted companies, banks, department stores and other institutions. I have to say that we can enjoy the rewards and maintain the trust to that company. Well, this is holidays, we have to enjoy it.

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  4. Yes, it is very important to use personalization, customizing our messages as much as possible. We already know a lot about our customers based on past behavior. Use that information to send customized content focused on relevant customer interests. A good analytics program can help us segment customers based on past behavior; then we can target messages to customers based on demonstrated interests. Thanks for the article.

  5. Choosing the right language to covince a client to take the correct actions is very important. I have been using loyalty programs for a very long time.

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