How to Talk About Your Customer Service

Customer Service

How many times have you seen a company tout their customer service?

“Our outstanding customer service…..”

“We’re completely focused on providing the best customer service……”

“You can count on excellent customer service…..”

Blah, blah, blah, blah……

The promise of “excellent customer service” may sound good to companies, but it doesn’t mean much to the average consumer.   They’ve heard it all before.   And too many companies don’t fulfill their promise.

Case in point – The other day I heard my former cable service provider claim they had excellent customer service.

I laughed out loud.

Get specific about your customer service

Specifics are always stronger than generalities.  This is especially true if you are using a cliché like, “excellent customer service.”

So how can you talk about your customer service in a way that it actually means something?   How can you describe that service in a way that prospective customers might actually buy your product or service?

Here’s an example from Amazon’s letter to their shareholders from Jeff Bezos.  He talks about Amazon’s Mayday Button.

Nothing gives us more pleasure at Amazon than “reinventing normal” – creating inventions that customers love and resetting their expectations for what normal should be. Mayday reimagines and revolutionizes the idea of on-device tech support. Tap the Mayday button, and an Amazon expert will appear on your Fire HDX and can co-pilot you through any feature by drawing on your screen, walking you through how to do something yourself, or doing it for you – whatever works best. Mayday is available 24×7, 365 days a year, and our response time goal is 15 seconds or less. We beat that goal – with an average response time of only 9 seconds on our busiest day, Christmas.

Notice how specific he got about response times, including the benchmark of Christmas Day.  That actually has meaning.

But here’s the stellar example of how to talk about your customer service:

A few of the Maydays have been amusing. Mayday Tech Advisors have received 35 marriage proposals from customers. 475 customers have asked to talk to Amy, our Mayday television personality. 109 Maydays have been customers asking for assistance with ordering a pizza. By a slim margin, Pizza Hut wins customer preference over Domino’s. There are 44 instances where the Mayday Tech Advisor has sung Happy Birthday to the customer. Mayday Tech Advisors have been serenaded by customers 648 times. And 3 customers have asked for a bedtime story. Pretty cool.

This is a great example of how specifics are more powerful than generalities.

How are you talking about your customer service?  Do you have specific examples of how your employees have gone above and beyond?  Do you have any powerful statistics?   The more specific you get, the more powerful the message.

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