Kimpton Knows How to Market to Women

Kimpton women in touch

Kimpton Hotels knows how to market to women.

Their Women In Touch program is a real winner.  The folks at Kimpton are smart.  They know it takes more than upscale bath products or comfortable beds to lure women to their hotels.   

The Women In Touch program promotes things women like:

  • Healthy snacks in the room's honor bar
  • Large bathroom counters with plenty of room to spread out
  • Hosted wine receptions in the evening (my personal favorite)
  • Causes that women business travelers can appreciate

Kimpton and Dress For Success

One of those causes is Dress For Success.    I LOVE this program.  

Dress for Success is an international not-for-profit organization that assists economically-challenged women as they transition from unemployment to self-sufficiency. The process starts with the donation of one suit. DFS then follows up with ongoing support, skill-building and career development.

Here's a brilliant example of marketing to women:

Kimpton Dress For Success Promotion

When you ask for the Dress For Success Rate, Kimpton donates $10 to the organization AND you get a 10% discount off the best available rate.  It's a total win/win.  

With all the hotel choices women have, many with comparable prices,  this is the kind of thing that will make her choose you over your competition.  


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5 Responses to Kimpton Knows How to Market to Women

  1. Emily Foshee says:

    This is an excellent example of insightful, strategic cause marketing. It’s brilliant because this hotel really got into the minds of their customers, and initiated a relationship with an organization, Dress for Success, that I’m sure hits home to many moms. Moms want to help other moms, and what better way to do that then participate in the DFS program when traveling? Cause marketing is very powerful!

  2. Cause marketing is powerful. The fact that Kimpton’s brand purpose, their identity is steeped in a mom-respected cause – an eco-friendly commitment – places them that much further ahead than their competitors.

  3. The Dress For Success is a unique program.It’s always very important to keep an eye on what one’s competitor is up to.By this way.Kimpton will certain;y scale heights.Look forward to more such updates from you.Thanks.

  4. Wally says:

    Dress For Success is a very brilliant idea. I will bookmark this for future reference. Thanks.

  5. Michael says:

    That’s a good marketing strategy to attract women. Women are the ones who look for more discounts hotel rooms, cheap hotel rooms and try all possible cost cutting systems to save more money. There are some costs cutting systems which help in saving more money on hotel bills.

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