Positive Marketing to Women – Nike Voices

So much of today's marketing to women is negative.  By negative, I mean it prays on women's insecurities.  It's all about being prettier, thinner, younger, sexier, a  better homemaker, a better mother.  

Add to that a barrage of media that portrays women as objects, victims and stereotypes, and you now have thousands of images every day assaulting women and their self-esteem.  This is especially troubling when you look at the effect on young women and girls.

How bad is it?   A recent study on the effects of TV on children had some alarming findings.   As Jezebel put it, "TV Makes Girls Feel Like Crap About Themselves, But Does Wonders for White Boys."

The study, which appears in Communication Research, was conducted by Nicole Martins, an assistant professor of telecommunications in the Indiana University, and Kristen Harrison, professor of communication studies at the University of Michigan. They surveyed about 400 black and white preadolescent students—aka tweens—in the Midwest over the course of a year. Instead of looking at specific shows, they focused on how much time the kids were spending watching TV, period, and how it impacted their self-esteem. What they found was that television exposure was responsible for a decrease in self-esteem in both white and black girls and black boys, but it led to an increase in self-esteem in white boys.

This is why the Nike "Voices" video is so important.  It's designed to boost self-esteem in both women and young girls.


The Power of Positive Marketing to Women

I love that this video shows the women talking as their younger selves.  Girls who are out there facing the same challenges can relate to these younger selves and see what they can grow up to become – strong, confident, successful women. 

When women and girls see an ad that actually portrays them in a positive light, that portrays them as strong, empowered, willing to stand up for themselves, women notice.

Go Nike.

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  2. I like to think my marketing has a positive message. But that doesn’t mean the reader will see it that way. People bring their own interpretation to what they read.
    I produce a unique line of hypnotic audio stories – self help and erotic hypnosis for women. These are great for helping a woman take control of her life or exploring sexual fantasies.
    But no matter how positively I portray my products, many women will continue to fear hypnosis because of what they’ve previously seen on TV.

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