The Future of The Financial Planning Industry – Key Questions

Investment News 40 Under 40

Investment News 40 Under 40

As financial advisors and financial planners look to the future, they are asking some key questions:

What are women looking for?  Is there a difference in how I work with male and female clients?  What needs to change in my practice, my meetings, my prospecting and marketing in order to attract and retain more female clients?  (Whether they are single or part of a couple.)

If the majority of my clients are older, what happens to their money when they die?  Will it stay with me or will their heirs take it somewhere else? What can I do to connect with those heirs now?

What about Gen X and Gen Y?   People in their 30’s and 40’s.  What are they looking for? What kind of financial planning and advice do they want and who do they want to work with?

And  how do I attract younger talent to my firm? How can I develop the next generation of great financial advisors?  I need to start thinking about a succession plan.

You will find answers to all of these questions in Investment New’s article about the Top 40 Under 40.

Meet the future of the financial advice industry.  The Investment News editorial staff presents a list of 40 outstanding young people taking the financial advice industry into the next era. Meet the future of advice, and get ready to be inspired by their unique stories.

Insight into women and the next generation

I found it interesting that 14 of the 40 professionals featured are women. It was interesting to see how their views were either similar, or differed from the men who were interviewed.

Watch this video about Leadership for some key insights into leadership styles  that work and don’t work.

Here’s another video with some specific and terrific advice from the Trailblazer group.

Gain important insight and ideas about the future of financial planning.  Go watch the other videos and read the full article about The Top 40 Under 40 from Investment News.

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