The Power of One Good Friend

Boys - one good friend

As I sit right smack dab in the middle of the holiday marketing season I am inundated with ads of families, couples, parents, romantic partners…..but there's one relationship that's glaringly missing from the ads…


Sure there are ads with female friends doing their holiday shopping together. But where's the ad with the woman/man/kid shopping high and low to find the perfect gift for their best friend?  

When you DO produce a commercial about true friendship, it stands out.

For example – This TV spot from Mastercard remains one of my all time favorites.

"Being with people who understand you……priceless."

Yup. That's what true friendship is all about.

The power of one good friend

I've written before about my family tradition of drinking tequila in the bathroom on Thanksgiving.   It all started because one year my sister and parents came to visit me on Thanksgiving.  My sister was going through a divorce.  I asked her what she wanted to do when she visited and she responded, "Sit on the bathroom floor and drink tequila."

So I decorated my tiny upstairs bathroom with candles and flowers and got a bottle of tequila and two shot glasses, and we snuck away from the crowd and sat on the commode and the bathtub and cursed men and celebrated the fact that we still had each other.

And so, a tradition was born. 

So many people feel alone on the holidays.  Why don't we see more commercials celebrating true friendship – talking about the life-saving power of having someone in your life who gets you and supports you, no matter what?

And I do mean life-saving.

I was reminded of this when watching the video of a boy who had been bullied and harrassed since the 1st grade   He doesn't speak in the video – simply holds up index cards telling his story and sharing his despair.   When he talks about wanting to commit suicide, he follows with this index card….

Suicide video

That's the power of one good friend.  Sometimes it's the only thing between you and the abyss. And that's enough. 

So people……this holiday season, look for ways to share stories of the power of one good friend.  Feature good friends in your marketing materials.   Tap into that universal longing we all have to be understood and supported – to have that one go-to person you know always has your back, even when you don't deserve it.

And if you're lucky enough to have that friend – reach and out tell them so.   It will make their holiday.


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17 Responses to The Power of One Good Friend

  1. This actually made me tear up a bit. The importance of good friends cannot be overstressed ever. THANK YOU for writing this and making my day.

  2. Tim Hargis says:

    I completely agree with you. The majority of the ads are about choosing the perfect diamond ring or necklace to surprise your significant other wise. When it comes down to it though, shopping for my true friends is one of the most important parts of my holiday season.

  3. That is so true!!!
    I have one VERY special friend. We studied together for 4 years and spent 10 hours everyday (besides Sat) with each other.
    He moved to Germany half a year ago, but I’m telling you, anytime I feel down, all I have to do is to call him.
    He knows me and my thoughts. He knows my soul. Talking to him for about an hour gives me hope and courage.
    I have many “friends”, but only ONE “special friend”.
    This post rocks!

  4. Yes, we are, indeed, overflowing with ads featuring couples of all sorts. True, there is nothing like the relationship we have with our true friends. Ahh, that MasterCard commercial is brilliant. Being with people who understand you is priceless.

  5. Thak por compartir con nosotros, creo que este es el tiempo para leer Es muy bueno compartir con ustedes lo article.i agradable le recomendaría a mis amigos.

  6. Sage Aumick says:

    Using the power of friendship could be an effective way in advertisement and brand promotion. Just like that commercial. It only took a couple of seconds, and yet, viewers will be moved. Touching people’s hearts might influence their view towards a product or service.

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  9. Gill says:

    Just found your wonderful blog through A Mom’s Year. Love your style! I’m sick too… definitely sucks. Hope we’re both feeling better fast!

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  11. Ricardo says:

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  12. Thomas says:

    I have exactly the same prboelm. I’m Jewish (but not terribly religious; I’m Reform and was raised in a secular house) and irony of ironies, pro-Israel and anti-gun control. I’m a woman. I get more responses on my OKCupid ad from Non Jews because of my politics. I only seem to meet jews who are seriously on the weenie end of the progressive spectrum. How can I respect someone who would (as I see it) sell out their own people? I know more pro-Israel NON Jews than otherwise!At this point in my life though, I would take being alone over being with a non-Jew. I’ve been with non-Jews before. I’m just tired of having to explain everything. I’m tired of having to explain why I can’t find all of my ancestors to someone who doesn’t identify or care, and I’m tired of having to explain why I don’t want to live in this or that part of the country.I want to look across the table, meet eyes with someone and even if they’re horribly neurotic just like me, heh at least know that we have the same neuroses.My only issue with someone who has converted typically, they’re too religious!

  13. Samah says:

    (paraphrasing here) that women shouldn’t let more than two years go by withuot a pregnancy and that if a doctor advises against that, he/she is just a fool. Scary! @Anonymous: As a woman who has tried to have relationships with men when chemistry was lacking, I can say that it’s much better to be single than to try to make a relationship work withuot it, or at least it is for me. A kind of companionate love might grow withuot attraction, but I find that most men want women to feel passionate about them, as well. Would you really want to be in a relationship with a woman who wasn’t crazy about you, who had to resign herself to being with you because she wasn’t really in love?

  14. Saketh says:

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