Three Percent of Women Portrayed in Leadership Roles in Ads

women shoppingIn a major announcement, advertising giant Unilver says it will no longer stereotype (men or women) in its ads.

The announcement was made when Unilver unveiled the results of a two year study about women and adverting,

Unilever said its global ad study research found that the issue of stereotyping, conscious or otherwise, is most acute in the portrayal of women.

I know… me your shocked face.

The company’s survey of ads and consumers revealed that 40% of women do not recognize the faces being reflected back at them. The study provided a possible explanation; of the women the ads featured, 3% were portrayed in leadership roles, 2% were intelligent, and 1% were funny.

I want to know who the 60 percent of women are who DO recognize the faces being reflected back to them?   Seriously…who are you people?

Only three percent of women are in leadership roles.  Wow.

I applaud Unilever for their efforts to stop the sexist stereotyping women AND men in their ads.   It will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Are you stereotyping women in your ads?  Take The Buchanan Test to find out.

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