Toys R Us Prank Turns Off Moms

Oh boy.

Once again, a company tries to reach out to moms and blows it.   Really people?   Toys R Us, did you really not see this coming?

Mom’s are reacting badly to a prank video by Toys R Us promoting the joy of kids who find out that instead of an outdoor field trip to a forest, they are being taken to Toys R Us.

Promoting materialism over the joys of nature is NOT a winning message with moms.

Show me your shocked face.

The second half of the video actually does a great job of illustrating the excitement kids feel about Toys R Us.     The video just needed a different beginning.

Think of how this might have been different of they took the kids on a day of volunteering, perhaps cleaning up a playground, and they tell the kids they’re going back to the school, but instead they take them to Toys R Us.

Yes, that wouldn’t be as big a “prank,” but you still get the element of surprise and the genuine excitement of the kids, which is the point, isn’t it?     Not to mention a slightly better brand message than, “teach kids that materialism is better than spending time in nature.”


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